You start a business but it isn’t exactly what you wanted before?

Do you think maybe it just isn’t for you?

I know how you feel. I’ve been too. 

Worrying about what will happen tomorrow and trying to find out how the heck I will pay my bills. 

Working 24/7 to get more (hopefully paying) clients, posting in blogs and FB groups, and spending a lot of money for advertising.  

Until one day I screamed at my pillow and I decided to change it. 

I stop the hurry-scurry. I spent 200+ hours to find the right system for recreating and scaling my business. I went to every biz workshop in the city. I talked with every CEO and entrepreneur who was ready to teach me.  

Now every month I break my new incame record.

Do you want the same?

It is a method with 5 parts.

They are: 

  1. Entrepreneur attitude
  2. Business Knowledge
  3. Technical skills
  4. Marketing
  5. Social Media

These aren’t separated parts they are intertwined with each other like tendrils.

Every success starts with people. This is an adventure and you need your power to do it till the end. 

So I will help you create an entrepreneur attitude based on your personalities. What does it mean?

  • You will find your real niche based on your WHY.
  • Learning some self-care
  • Learning time management
  • What are really your tasks
  • Your best friend: DEA: Delegate, Eliminate, Automate
  • Learning critical thinking
  • Learning communication
  • CEO mindset
  • Leaders knowledge
  • How to avoid the impostor syndrome
  • Market research, it’s time for know your customers needs
  • Ideal Clients – know your customers
  • How build a project
  • Business Canvas Model
  • Sales rhombus – good to know when your launch
  • Business plan – Create a business plan that sets you apart and puts you 5 years ahead
  • Pricing – What is the good price and package?
  • Launch strategy – How start the sells
  • Pitch – How speak about your offer
  • WordPress use – build your amazing webpage, which can sell
  • Autopilot – work less earn more
  • Trello – Clear your task
  • Landing page – How show your offer
  • Social Media marketing – How to reach more people?
  • Email marketing –  Connect with customers.
  • Lazy system – How recycle your post another platforms
  • Soc Med. post plan – What to post and when
  • Business audit – Test your biz before launch
  • Google calendar template – You can steal a CEO calendar
  • Insta stories + templates – Post for the beginning
  • Insta # system – Which is the right # for you?
  • How say no