I am a:
Digital Nomad Entrepreneur coach & trainer
– Positive Deviant coach & trainer

When I become a self-entrepreneur Oh, Gosh! I was just so young I was in my earliest 20’s. But it isn’t the point where everything is beginning.

In my little child memories, I was the deviant girl. Never enough or always too much. I just was so weird. With my question about everything, a philosophical mind.

But back to the beginning….

I was 8 years old when I found a book at my mother’s shelter. It was the You Can Heal Your Life from Louse L. Hay maybe it is not for a little girl, but it changed my mind. I had an aha moment and I knew exactly what I want to do when I will be an adult. After that, I read some books by Doreen Virtue. And I decide that I will be just like them. I will travel around the world and talk with people, help them for a better life, I will be coaching and training people and publishing a lot. Even if I imagine my work with less Angel and spiritual stuff. 

And another thing is happening, I started to read mindset books from entrepreneurs. 

Now jump in the about 10 years away. 

In that time I worked as a massage therapist and on the weekend I learned coaching and training. My boss didn’t employ me legally or pay tax but I didn’t know about it for weeks and one day he molested me. That was the point when I said I deserve more now, not just after I finish my studies, so I asked my father to give me the money which he destined for my driving license lessons. I rent a flat buy massage stuff and start my own business.


My first clients were from my 9 to 5 job. It was not a perfect start but was enough to save time for a real beginning. This time I finished my coach and trainer school. And I used my new free time to go to every business workshop, read a lot.  I recreated my portfolio and targeting for the Entrepreneurs and CEOs. I learn from everyone who was willing to help me with their experiences and knowledge.

And tired of getting away from my abuser boyfriend.

 But look at me! 

I’ve been accepted to an economy university.  I started work at anonim organizations. I try helped to abused people LGBTQ+ people and people who tried to kill themself. 

After my second semester, I’ve finished my massage business and started work as a business coach & trainer. A few months later I was in the Cosmopolitan magazine. I begin working with self-employees, startups, and an IT company and started work to become a full remote entrepreneur because I wanted to be a Digital Nomad. 

And here I am

You don’t have to go through with your business what I went through with never-ending trying and with the method, witches don’t lead anywhere. 

I can help you perfectly recreate your business.